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Rules & General Notes

Must wait 30 seconds between posts

If you get your login wrong 5 times, you are locked out for 30 minutes, when you can try again.

Avatars are enabled - and you can use your own up to a max of 10Kb and 100x100. If people abuse this and put anything abusive or rude, I may revoke personal avatars.

Smilies and BBCode are enabled. If you have any other smilie packs, I can add them.

I've disabled "Allow username changes" initially, until I get used to the board admin.

Private messaging is enabled - for now anyway. I think that means you can message other users privately.

In time, I'll make some of you moderators - maybe on a vote basis, so we choose who ahould moderate and also don't have too many of us doing that. I'd suggest having some people from other timezones moderating, so we can get more chance of 24 hour cover. I don;t want to have to turn the board on and off at certain times of the day, because 606 really p's me off doing that!

If all goes welll and significant numbers start using this board, then I'll start playing with the overall look of the site and make it more Pompey orientated.

Please send me lots of feedback regarding how easy this is to use, performance, like and don't likes. It belongs to all of us, so we have the chance to make it how WE want it to be. Unfortunately though, as I didn't write the code, there will be limits to what I can change as far as functionality is concerned. phpBB is used all over the world though, so is about as good as free software BB code goes.

Thanks for having a look and please enjoy using it and making sure you don't prevent others from enjoying using it by behaving badly!

Dominic Raywood
Rubicon Computer Services Limited
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