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By RubiconCSL
Firstly, I want this board to be a place where we can express our feelings; not a stale and sanitized environment. However, there sadly must be some sort of rules of conduct.

This is all common sense I think. If you wouldn't have said it to your teacher at school; if you wouldn't feel comfortable saying it now to your granny or your wife or your children, then don't say it here!

Don't wind people up just for the sake of it. If you are a WUM, then you won't be on this board for long; it's that simple.

I realize, sometimes that may entail a slightly richer use of language than what we would normally use! However, there are a wide variety of people on here. We have women and children using the board, so please think about what you write before you submit it.

Race, Colour, Creed
It's almost not worth having to say this - I hope! Abuse of a racial nature will not be accepted; nor will unsavoury comments relating to colour, creed or religion. I'm not a paid up member of the PC Brigade, but again, we have various types of people on here and we all deserve respect. Simply put, always give the respect to others on here that you would expect to receive yourself.

Thank you :)

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