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Any fundraising or information on your fave charities goes here. Also, any Board get-togethers like The Christmas Bash.

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Hey everyone, i know you guys are always so generous with your charity giving so cant hurt but ask if any of you guys would like to sponsor me. Im running my first marathon in 2 weeks time, im far from an elite runner i dont expect to finish in any sort of quick time, but it would be a massive achievement for me in any case. The training has been very hard work especially with me working and studying on a degree course at the same time!

Im running for children with leukaemia and am looking to donate as much as i can, ive only just started up my virgin giving page but have raised a fair amount from friends and family already.

Even if its 10p i would appreciate it, Thanks Muchly
formerly known as wrote:
Hi Chris - happy for mine to go (so theres not too many) and thanks the mods etc for stickyingit....

Amazing support from the board. :thumb
A pleasure sir. 'Tis now in the charity section.
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