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Well, I had an acceptable red in my hand as I read this news. I have raised it to Pomp, even though his posts would drive me mad on occasions!

I'm sure they do a decent claret on the other side.

Thanks for all the mirth and pomposity, Pomp!

(Can't believe he was 80!)

Thanks also Lakes for the detective work.
Always well-composed with an interesting angle on everything Pompey: typical PnC. [Even if his spelling was sometimes shaky.}

Like many others on this board, I have missed him over the last few months. I kept telling myself that he was probably engaged in some new film venture and did not have the time to post. Now we know the truth - so thanks to Lakes for that.

He would have been really proud of the way that the PFC season ended - maybe he is having a chuckle even now.

Will genuinely miss his comments, his insights and his humour. RIP.
RIP Pomp, he reminded me a lot of a poster on FF back in the day when it was a lively board. That poster was Chetwynd & for all I know they could've been one & the same. I always thought that when Pomp posted he did so with a twinkle in his eye.
******. Excuse my french. That has really shocked me. I met him briefly once. I always enjoyed reading his posts. I wouldn't have guessed he was 80. I will genuinely miss him and his sense of humour on here;as has been said, it will be a loss to this BB.

At least it finally proves that he and Milkins aren't the same person!
Just seen this - truly shocked and feel a little guilty for my last comment about him, though I suspect he would have chuckled about it.
He and I rarely saw eye to eye with regards to Pompey but, without wanting to sound contradictory, I feel always got on very well. Never met the man, but did exchange emails once. This board is a lesser place without the scribe. RIP Noel.
PS The irony of us winning the league...
Ditto at the shock others have expressed. I met Noel several times as he produced the promotional video for Smile4Wessex and also attended the annual gala dinner in November 2013 when the video was aired for the first time. Spoke to him a number of times since but not for a year or more now. Would never have guessed his age.

A great character in person as well as on the boards and I too hope he's sipping an acceptable claret, and smiling.

RIP Pomp
So sad to hear this news. Pomp was always one of my favourite reads on this board and his input will be greatly missed. R.I.P


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