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Such sad news , a lovely man with a great sense of humour who kept us oiks if not educated then at least in touch with the finer things in life [ and the Headmasters study ]
You will be very much missed Pomp .
Adding my shock to the comments that others have put on here - no, absolutely, truly stunned to wake up to this.

I have been on the end of his literary barbs, but never felt it was done with anything but jocular sarcasm. While we didn't agree on too many things, he added a Hyacinth Bouquet type of character to the board, which aided in keeping conversations going.

Just a thought, but as many of us are moving on in years....should we have a way of keeping tabs with each other in some form or other? Should we have sections of this board in memorandum of those we've lost. P n C isn't the first we've lost, and certainly won't be the last

Never actually met the man but used to read anything he posted as he always did so with tongue firmly in cheek and certain style that was so unique. He will certainly be sorely missed on this board. RIP Pomp . I will raise a glass to you.
I'm so dreadfully upset to learn that Pomp is no longer with us.

He was a wordsmith for whom grammar and spelling took a back seat to imagination and flair.

I'm utterly devastated.

RIP Pomp.
By Mickemo
Pomp (Noel), you were a real one off character and always offered great mirth & insight.

I will miss you fella - and your suspicion that I was a Saints fan :-)

I hope you've a glass of finest claret by your side - RIP !
Over the years my contributions here have always been pretty minimal but I have followed many of the the threads and also the news. Did not know him on a personal level at all but he was a great "character" and contributor and always enjoyed his wry comments and generous humour.
Oh my goodness! What terribly sad news. A true character on this board and after a few emails twixt the two of us, I discovered he was a really nice bloke to boot. I always imagined him in his 60s! I shall raise an acceptable claret to him this evening. Awful that he died 4 months ago and we didn't know. RIP PnC.

PS Hope the rest of you are keeping your peckers up!
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By Milkins
Ah nuts.... That's a bummer.

Met him in Petersfield on a gathering. A fine geezer.

Who can I cross swords with now...??
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By Hermann
I know Scott McGarvey (Wally) - was up there that night, has told me about it. I think he said PnC was there first, and when Milkins turned up - he (PnC) introduced himself by saying "" (!) :D

Monoloco, Petersfield. Circa 2009/10? (Neil - FKA) laid on some nice bottled beer & some eats I'm told.

Got a text in - the roll call (as much as Wally remembers - who sends his love - yes, he's still alive):

Pomp n' Circumstance
No Shot Sherlock
Sacre Blue (for a while? - is he still about?)
Baffins Blue (has anyone heard from him too - Rich) :?: :?:
Cosham Scouse
Wheres Scotty/Wally whatever
& apologies to anyone else he's forgotten (probably somebody obvious).

Went to another pub? Can't remember if you went on for a curry or not (but probably...) - Oh, and apparently Pomp & Sherl didn't shut up.. wink: Allegedly Milkins & Pomp left about the same time (possibly), though Milkins swears he had a train to catch. And Scouse, you were rude (but pissed) to Mrs Wally (again - allegedly). Something to do with wrong turn & no sat-nav/dark 'country' roads..!

For me, I enjoyed his banter, had some funny opinions, and remember 'Pompey Belle' and the misbehaving laptop?? (His 'assistant' - or cross-dressing alter-ego?!). WS says he didn't look near 70 then, and doesn't think it was 10 years ago. Enjoyed his 'sparring' with Milkins - they always gave as good as they got (I thought).

We'll raise a glass of acceptable claret in his honour. Good chap, very knowledgable - and I've 'heard tell' he did his bit for charity events with his staging/lighting company - and worked together for NSS & SfR/Smile for Wessex/WNCentre too?

RIP Noel.
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By Pompski!
Damn. A true legend on here, he will be sorely missed. His humour was unsurpassed and claret will never be just claret for any of us privaliged to have chatted to him.
RIP P&C. I need to get some acceptable claret in to toast you mate.


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