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I had a few run ins with pomp but always good natured banter. It is the ultimate irony that cook got us up and is now on his way, pomp would have approved.i am sure he is raising a large glass of acceptable claret. Rip pomp you will be missed
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By Milkins
Hermann wrote:I know Scott McGarvey (Wally) - was up there that night, has told me about it. I think he said PnC was there first, and when Milkins turned up - he (PnC) introduced himself by saying "" (!) :D

Monoloco, Petersfield. Circa 2009/10? (Neil - FKA) laid on some nice bottled beer & some eats I'm told.

Got a text in - the roll call (as much as Wally remembers - who sends his love - yes, he's still alive):

Pomp n' Circumstance
No Shot Sherlock
Sacre Blue (for a while? - is he still about?)
Baffins Blue (has anyone heard from him too - Rich) :?: :?:
Cosham Scouse
Wheres Scotty/Wally whatever
& apologies to anyone else he's forgotten (probably somebody obvious).

Went to another pub? Can't remember if you went on for a curry or not (but probably...) - Oh, and apparently Pomp & Sherl didn't shut up.. wink: Allegedly Milkins & Pomp left about the same time (possibly), though Milkins swears he had a train to catch. And Scouse, you were rude (but pissed) to Mrs Wally (again - allegedly). Something to do with wrong turn & no sat-nav/dark 'country' roads..!

For me, I enjoyed his banter, had some funny opinions, and remember 'Pompey Belle' and the misbehaving laptop?? (His 'assistant' - or cross-dressing alter-ego?!). WS says he didn't look near 70 then, and doesn't think it was 10 years ago. Enjoyed his 'sparring' with Milkins - they always gave as good as they got (I thought).

We'll raise a glass of acceptable claret in his honour. Good chap, very knowledgable - and I've 'heard tell' he did his bit for charity events with his staging/lighting company - and worked together for NSS & SfR/Smile for Wessex/WNCentre too?

RIP Noel.
We went to a pub after leaving Monoloco but no idea which one.

I seem to recall that Pomp left early to get the train back to London. Last thing I remember was waving goodbye to Widders and Shirl as I headed into my accommodation.

I've no idea where Widders and Shirl were shuffling off to, arm in arm...
uspompeyfan wrote:Just a thought, but as many of us are moving on in years....should we have a way of keeping tabs with each other in some form or other? Should we have sections of this board in memorandum of those we've lost. P n C isn't the first we've lost, and certainly won't be the last

An excellent idea, USPF.

Rubes, if you could stop invading Poland for a moment, and do this, I'd be grateful.
I think Noel would have enjoyed this story.

Back in the 606 days, PnC was very insistent that I stuck with the name "Lost in Kate Winslet" when I was playing with my username for comedic purposes. His odes to her beauty, charm and Englishness was captured by said username. So I stuck with it for a while.

Later, I met PompeyJunglist in real life from there (it turned out we only lived a couple of streets away). He knew a number of people with my 1st name so in his phone, my number was listed as Kate Winslet. Naturally this was a curiosity for those who saw the name Kate Winslet in his phone.

We became close friends and when I was introduced to friends of his, it was "this is Kate Winslet". Naturally Kate is more memorable than my actual first name so it has stuck. A whole group of people only know and address me as Kate. It feels very natural and comfortable.

This would never have happened if PnC wasn't so insistent in the first place so thank you Noel.

We have often said that this forum is more of a virtual pub than anything else.

We have a laugh, we talk football, we talk all other subjects, we take the mickey out of each other, the kind of things that get talked about with your mates down the pub. PnC was both the subject and subjector of banter to a very personal level (eg Milkins and his predilection for badgers and the ripostes of PnC's sexual activities), the kind of thing that you wouldn't dream of saying to a complete stranger in real life.

And yet, for the most part, we are complete strangers on here. I've met a handful of you, had regular phone chats with another, I follow a fair few on Twitter, and know a fair number's real names. But not PnC. I have only just now, with this thread, found out his real name. He was one of the least open of us with regards to his personal details. And yet the most willing to partake in banter.

Quite a strange situation, if you think about it.
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By lakespfc
I had a lot of pm chats with Pomp over the years, he always took great interest in the racehorses that I've had shares in, but even though I told him my real name many times he never ever used it and he never used his real name, it was always Lakes and Pomp. I only found out his real name when someone sent me a link to his company website. I discovered yesterday that I had saved a couple of really nice messages from him, so glad I did now...
Just reading through the anecdotes posted here show just how much pomp will be missed by us all. This board is a lesser place without him.
RIP Pomp. Trips to the virtual headmasters office after being freshly scrubbed will never be the same
RIP Pomp,

I trust you have donned your smoking jacket, have pulled up a nice comfy armchair, pipe and slippers at the ready (along with an acceptable bottle (or few) of claret) and ready yourself for watching the young ladies who are about to take to the playing courts of Wimbledon.
By ddavis
Lost in Transportation wrote:That's a shame. PnC was a character and played a character on here which wasn't always appreciated. I shall find something suitable to toast his memory. RIP Pomp.
An acceptable claret I trust! :-)
Sad news indeed - I always enjoyed reading Pomp's pompous posts so much so that even us rare posters feel the need to pay tribute. RIP mate, hope St Peter does a fine Claret up there :thumb
Northender wrote:Sad news indeed - I always enjoyed reading Pomp's pompous posts so much so that even us rare posters feel the need to pay tribute. RIP mate, hope St Peter does a fine Claret up there :thumb

Agreed . The fact that those who have not posted for a while , does NOT mean this board is dead .

Take the hint RUBI . PLEASE ?
Very sad. No more talk of little oiks and devious scrotes, louche lounge lizards and eminence grise. Strange that The Word Association Thread, which he so much disliked, has just been revived. RIP Pomp.


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