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By Portchester PFC
Anyone else watching ?

The audio is about five or ten seconds behind the video and it’s annoying the crap out of me !
By eltorrro
It is soooo annoying isn't it...and its always like that. I turn the sound down and just watch...much more entertaining (or you can turn the commentary off and just have the crowd noise) 8)
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By Portchester PFC
Thanks, will have to try that, also learnt that I need to turn off my sky Sports alerts as the first goal popped up before it went in on iFollow :D
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By Earl Grey
Portchester PFC wrote:Anyone else watching ?

The audio is about five or ten seconds behind the video and it’s annoying the crap out of me !
I record the entire match audio then start playing the video (sound off) and set my recorded audio off to play in sync......

......oh, all right...I don't. But I'd love to know why they can't fix it.

On the positive side the audio coming later than video is slightly less annoying than if the commentator was screaming "Gooooooaaaal!" 5 seconds before the player even took a shot.
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By OldSpice
Earl Grey wrote:On the positive side the audio coming later than video is slightly less annoying than if the commentator was screaming "Gooooooaaaal!" 5 seconds before the player even took a shot.
I don't know about that.. At least you get a chance to quickly watch the action if you hear that and weren't concentrating at the time!!
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By Selsey Bill
So is it worth splashing a tenner? Obviously a lot cheaper than a round trip to Bristol would have cost me tonight, but can't get there due to work commitments.
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By RubiconCSL
Is iFollow worth using?
How good is the feed - buffering and all that?
Is it one camera stuck up on the roof somewhere with pretty poor coverage, or is it better than that?
Barring the syncing issue, is the commentary any good?
Can you only watch it live, or can you download and watch it later?
Is it £10 per match, or is there a subscription option?

I never seem to be able to get to a match live now, so if it's any good, I might give it a go one day.
By eltorrro
Hi Rubi...I have used iFollow since conception (so since beginning of last season) and it was utter crap for the first year. However, they seem to have got their act together...a bit!! As previously mentioned, the commentary (by Express FM) is behind by about 5 seconds...bloody annoying...but better than last year. Camera work is ok..ish. Only one camera with fixed lens...hardly any close ups. There is the facility to rewind 10 seconds (several times = 30 secs?) to review something and also a slowmo button. Cost for annual subscription = €131 for me in Spain...think it is about 110 sterling. You need to have a machine with faster than 2.3ghz processors to screen and the quality is quite good. Alternatively you can subscribe to audio only via ExpressFM which I think is about 45pounds. I think they also do a pay by game option if you want to just sample. 8)
By streetrifle
I subscribed on a one-off basis for £10 and thought it was fine, obviously Pompey winning with a late goal made it all worthwhile. I didn't take the commentary and listened to Radio Solent commentary at the same time which was about 30 seconds ahead of the picture. It was brilliant hearing of our goals in advance of the pictures as you could anticipate them and look a bit more closely. I hope that Ifollow repeat the offer for the odd away game.
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By RubiconCSL
Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll give it a go for one game and see what I think. I guess having a single camera with no zooming in is no worse than standing on the terraces. Plus, I guess you don't get anyone standing in front of you, or ringing a bloody bell for the whole game :)

Looking on the Pompey website, we don't look to have an option to subscribe for the whole season, including live matches. Seems to be you have to pay £10 for every game you want to watch, which is a bit steep to be honest. Maybe I'll just try the odd game here and there. maybe Plymouth first.
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By RubiconCSL
Out of interest. If I buy the season long subscription, how long after the games are the replays available? I'd probably struggle to sit down at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon to watch a match live anyway.
By eltorrro
Here you go Rubi...
Highlights & Full Match Replay
Short highlights of league matches will be available to iFollow subscribers from midnight on the day of the game.

These highlights can then be viewed free of charge by all fans on our official YouTube channel from midday the day after the game. At the same time, extended highlights will be available for iFollow subscribers only.

iFollow subscribers can also view a full match replay from midday the day after the game. Please note that this is not located with the rest of the iFollow videos.

To view the full match replay, sign into your iFollow account, and visit the results page. Find the game you want to watch and click 'Watch on iFollow'. Then click the 'Watch now' icon. 8)
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By RubiconCSL
Right, here's the low down, from using the chat support on the website.

There is no subscription option in the UK that includes all live match streaming, due to licensing issues. Not sure if that is a Sky type issue or the club (although I blame one or more of: Brexit, the Russians, Trump). So you have to pay £10 per match for a day pass, take it or leave it.

Day passes are only available for weekday matches i.e. you cannot watch a match live on the weekend. Not sure about a weekend match that gets re-scheduled; they said that was down to the club.

Streaming is 720p HD, not 1080p. That's for live and replays.

So £4.49 a month or £45 a season gets you:
  • Live audio coverage
  • Full replays of matches from midday the day following the match (all available up to the end of the season),
  • Then it's an additional tenner to watch a weekday match live.
Not brilliant, but better than missing it all completely. I think I'll go for the £4.49/mth and watch last night's game tonight.
By eltorrro
Erm...Rubi - you don't get the whole match replay...just extended highlights!!! 8)
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