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By Rocketman
Going to be a really tough game today. Doncaster are far stronger than anyone we've met so far, and we don't have a good record against them. Having said that, from what I've seen so far (2 of the four games) we are stronger all round than last year, have an excellent keeper, Ben Thompson is exactly what we've been needing in midfield, and Lowe is developing into a class player. Will be interesting to see if KJ starts with Pitman today, for his greater experience. If he starts with Hawkins instead (and he did put in a good shift in the first half against Bristol), then at the very least Pitman should be given a good half hour minimum.
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By Pompey Penguin
I don't see any reason to change the team, maybe this will be the plan this season - Hawkins starts and takes the knocks and then we see Pitman as the game opens up and there are more chances. However, I don't think Pitman would be happy with that. Overall, I am pretty relaxed about this game. The win against Bristol Rovers has put us in a good position; I would have taken two points from these two games, so we are already ahead and anything from today is gravy.
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By The Cincinnati Kid
Interesting challenge today. Doncaster won their 1st 2 games then a draw and a defeat. I'll take a point but who knows under the current streak. We might win 0-5, make it 8 wins from 5 games and KJ makes the honours list shortlist.

Kid predictamundo 1-1
By Rocketman
Half time, 0-0 and listening to the commentary on iFollow we were awful 1st half. Can only get better (can it??!!). Have to bring Pitman on soon after half time.....
By Rocketman
Pitman just come on for 2nd half. Hawkins a bit unlucky as he had virtually no service 1st half, but fingers crossed for 2ns half now.
By Pompey1985
Awful first half.

Better second but didn't test their 'keeper' enough following the sending off.

All in all though a good start to the season.
By Rocketman
Pompey1985 wrote:Awful first half.

Better second but didn't test their 'keeper' enough following the sending off.

All in all though a good start to the season.
Yup, exactly...
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By Pompey Penguin
Would certainly settled for that at the start, and even more so at half time.

It is not that easy to test a substitute goalkeeper. Remember last season when we were down to nine men (Burgess sent off, and Henderson injured with all subs used); Naismith had to go in goal for ten minutes and still only had to make one real save.

Only five games in, but already the division is looking roughly as expected. Charlton are doing worse, but they have other issues, and Fleetwood doing better, and everyone else much as predicted.
By streetrifle
Its early days obviously but at present it looks like Peterborough are going to really set the pace, and I would expect Barnsley and Sunderland (the relegated sides were to the fore last season too) to be strong given their starts this season. Clearly to compete for automatic promotion we are going to need to perform at a high standard this season, otherwise we will be left to try and get in via the play-offs which is an absolute lottery as we all know. Have we got the players, the method, the resilience to keep on picking up away points in the Northern outposts like Doncaster yesterday?


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