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By New Forester
I came across a website that showed the Premier League clubs finances for the year ending April/May 2017. Apart from Chelsea they all made profits. It reminded me I have never taken any close interest in Pompey’s finances although well aware of past history. So I turned this up. ... -2017-.pdf

I’ll take more interest in future.

And noting that as a former prize winning qualified accountant (long ago) I’m having trouble interpreting the accounts, good luck to the rest of you if you care to look.
By RichardHoldaway
Not great, but certainly looks a lot healthier than the previous 10 years.

I for one fully support the Eisner strategy of not throwing silly money into the transfer and wages pot. Live within our means, grow home talent where we can, improve the ground (new ground not going to happen for at least 5 and maybe 10 years). I'd rather have a steady improvement than flush and bust. What do others think?
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By New Forester
Bournemouth, Southampton and Brighton are in the Premier league. Pompey have at least a potentially equivalent fan base. But then there is Plymouth. So which league should we be in? I’m old enough to remember our championship winning years and the 50s. Those days won’t return in my lifetime. As long as we are in the top half, I’m happy with us in league one. The Championship will be great as long as it’s achieved on the basis of sound finance. I have no desire for a rich benefactor, just an owner with a sound business brain. So I’m content right now. But as we know, things can quickly change.
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By The Cincinnati Kid
I believe I read / heard a report couple of weeks back that said something to the effect of half the prem clubs would have made a profit if no fans had turned up to pay to watch. Its a global phenom and TV dosh is enormous.
I think the Championship (Division 2 please) will be a tad budget straining for PFC but getting to the prem for just 1 season and even being relegated, is a windfall of moolah provided you don't get silly with player salaries. That, I think, is where the monies will be found for a new stadium. Bournemouth / Brighton and the Stripies have all found ways to achieve this (and more by staying up) with similar attendance income and hopefully so will we.

Kid update...heres the story from the independent. ... 91066.html
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