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By RubiconCSL
Thanks for that. Got to ask what Jay from the Inbetweeners is doing in the video (about 1m 14s)?
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By New Forester
Perhaps I’m easily impressed but I think it’s a superb video that really captures the essence of a match at Fratton Park. Well repays a watch right through. Reminds me of why I’m proud to be a Pompey fan. But I also appreciate the warmth of Charlie’s message.
By Milton End
Thanks from me as well. Two cameras and some excellent editing to pull together the day. Well done.

What video software are you using?

PS Was it you that did a similar video last year? Or am I mixing this video up with someone else.

If it was you, then this year was better - smoother and more camera angles with - possibly - a better, steadier camera?
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By Selsey Bill
charlierose1992 wrote:Hi all,

Argyle fan on peace here. Just thought I'd share my latest video with you guys. It's a behind the scenes look of the day with match highlights from angles you wouldn't have seen anywhere else.

Enjoy, and good luck for the rest of the season.

Just watched it, very impressive mate.
By meakinsl
Yep was excellent and really enjoyed that when watched it the other night, as a Pompey fan who lives away really bought back some good memories, thanks.
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