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By PakefieldBlue
Bournemouth's wage bill rose by 42% to £101.8m last season according the annual accounts, contributing to the club making a financial loss for the first time since being promoted to the top flight. (Times - subscription required)

Taken from the BBC Sport website. People say that we "bought" success when we were in the Prem but surely Bournemouth are taking crazy risks. Their ground is small and fan base not much bigger, any wobble in the financial status of their owner and they're stuffed. Maybe they escape criticism because Eddie Howe is a young English manager who plays attractive football.
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By Selsey Bill
One of my sons told me a while back that Blackburn were losing £336k a week when they were in L1 last season. No wonder they were so bloody good!
Pompey Penguin wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:13 am
...and Blackburn Rovers managed a loss of £17 million and Wigan a loss of £9 million last season just getting from L1 to the Championship.

Losses for teams trying to get from the Championship to the PL are astronomical.

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