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By The Cincinnati Kid
3-1 near the endgame. The good form continues.
Barnsley and Charlton winning though Blunderland are 4-4 at home. Sounds like a game there fer sure
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By BlueinMontreal
Chaplin scored the 5th for Coventry
By BlueinPLtwenty
The two form Teams in the Division meet in Burton on Good Friday
By FatBlueAde
All getting very close..........and exciting..........and not just a little scary !
By BlueinPLtwenty
We couldn't, could we? Could we??????

We bloody well can, believe!
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By New Forester
Good match today. Rochdale had a lot of possession but lacked the danger created by Pompey when they had the ball. Nice to be able to relax in the last few minutes for a change. We are well placed again but there are no easy matches left.

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