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By uspompeyfan
What is the mood back home? Expectation, cautious optimism, concern?

Wife has me in a dental appointment to have the root of an old tooth removed in the two hours before kick-off...and I'm expected to take it easy while watching the game on ESPN + ……. Not sure whether to be more concerned over the dentist or Pompey
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By Portchester PFC
Lets hope that is the only pain you get today after the game !! :D

Not sure about the mood at home but the mood where i am is good, still going for my prediction of us beating them 3-1 tonight :thumb

Hopefully the park will be rocking and the players will respond accordingly PUP.
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By Selsey Bill
The mood seems to vary from platform to platform. I'd say cautiously unoptomistic. A lot of very nervous fans, including me. Having watched the reaction of both the West Brom and then Leeds players at the final whistle, I wouldn't want our players to go through the same pain. Just got a nagging feeling it will be penalties again which will, quite frankly, be unbearable.
By Berkshire Blue
Leaving home shortly to pick up son in Fleet and then on to Havant to catch the train to Fratton in time to get some sausage and onion rolls and drinks to sustain us through the evening.

Still got absolutely no idea how things will go, but that is the fun of it!

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By New Forester
Fun you call it. Some of us will be nervous wrecks. :thumb

Like Pompeymack for example.
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