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By New Forester
Are they fair? Aston Villa 5th v Derby County 6th. Both several points behind third and fourth place. Aston Villa who finished seven points behind Leeds go up. Play offs create interest for many clubs and excitement and more money but are they a fair way of deciding the third promotion place? Aston Villa are now better off by £170 million next year. Their fans will think play offs were a great idea. But Leeds fans?
Rant over. Nothing will change. But I feel better.
By PakefieldBlue
I have always thought that the fairer system would be for the 3rd placed team in the league to go straight into the final, then the 4th and 5th placed teams play to win the other final place.
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By RubiconCSL
How about 6th play 5th - single game, with 5th playing at home. Winner goes for a single game against 4th - again 4th play at home. Winner of that plays 3rd in a single game - 3rd play at home. I'd almost go as far as saying a draw would mean the home team goes through each round too. That gives the team in 3rd a massive advantage - which they have earned. It would still keep the league interesting because teams lower down would still fight for a top 6 finish. But the higher up you finish the advantage gets bigger, as it should.

If 6th still go up, then fair play to them, but at least the higher up you finish in the league, the more advantage you get. Oh and sod the glory of playing at Wembley. I'd have thought £170M would be far more important than winning a one off game at Wembley.
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By The Cincinnati Kid
remember the old days?

Top 3 went up

Story over.

Personally, I like the new format. Bit of drama and additional monies.
Hey ...if you want auto promotion, finish second or first.


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