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I am starting to really like our back seven for the season.

We were pretty good last year, but I think we have potentially improved overall. MacGillivray is still here; Thompson, N. has been pretty much replaced like-for-like, with Walkes a good back-up; Brown & Haunstrup are good left backs. The loss of Clarke is significant, but we have options at CB who look good for L1 (if not potential PL signings!) and just need to find the right pairing, and Whatmough to return in 2020. Naylor and McCorie sitting in front of the defence look very strong, and add to the set-piece goal threat.

The challenge for Jackett is to put together a front four with enough goal threat, especially if Lowe ends up departing late in the summer. Although, I am pleased to see Jackett praising my favourite, Louis Dennis. ... -1-8991822

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