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By Jack_Tinn
more pleased with the clean sheet and that no-one picked up a hammie or similar injury tbh

Goals are good for confidence - so great for Curtis, Lowe, Pittman and Dennis to get at least two in the first game regardless! Hoping that Harrison gets going too in the next game or on Tuesday.
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By The Cincinnati Kid
PakefieldBlue wrote:
Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:22 pm
Just watched the highlights on YouTube. I thought both Dennis and Canon looked lively in the Number 10 position, which is a great sign as having a proper Number 10 this season I think is crucial. But, the opposition looked terrible, so it is hard to draw any significant conclusions i.e. don't bet the mortgage quite yet!
I just watched also....looked like the opposition had concrete footy boots, especially on defence. It really was men v boys
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By Weybridge
Yeah from those brief highlights, it looked like a typical ‘stay on your feet’ friendly.

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