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By Pompey Penguin
One slight concern. In his post-match interview, Jackett said that he thought we took our foot of the gas once we were 2-0 up. This was a perennial problem last season, cruising and then let in a goal to make the finish tense. On the whole, we got away with it last year, but I would have hoped that it was something that was addressed before the start of this season.
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By Weybridge
I think it can be a little difficult to defend in friendlies. Nobody goes in boots flying, or putting their body on the line, and understandably so. There’s usually a tacit agreement between managers as to how ‘competitive’ these games are.

In fairness to Crawley, it was one hell of a strike. Maybe we could have lashed it clear earlier, but what’s the point of doing that in a friendly? May as well try and play your way out of trouble.

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