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By Thats Rich
Dear all,

I will again be running the League 1 score prediction competition historically called the LaLa League. It just involves putting down the League 1 scores on a weekly basis or twice weekly if there are midweek games. We could do with some fresh blood so it would be great to have new players. Rumourmonger joined last year and thoroughly enjoyed playing.


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By rumourmonger
And is looking forward to thoroughly enjoying it again this coming year. Put me down as a definite Yes TR.
By Thats Rich
Hi Ian,

Just post a reply to the fixtures on the LaLa site. They can be done on a weekly basis although some players such as Stefeni post three or four at once so I like to put a few up at a time - this is also helpful to players who are away on holiday, over christmas etc. Most players post on a weekly basis so I suggest you do the same.

Cheers and good luck.

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By stefeni
When will the fixtures ve going up

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