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By The Cincinnati Kid
3 games in, already 6pts behind the top 2 auto promotion slots and a tough home game against 7 pt Coventry.
Could be a disastrous start should we lose.

Have an Expresso.
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By Pompey Penguin
I refer the House to my comments back in July on our start to the season.
The start of Pompey's league season (August) looks potentially tricky.

Shrewsbury (A). A team against whom we have struggled over recent seasons.
Tranmere (H). OK.
Sunderland (A). Obviously difficult.
Coventry (H). A good away team who should have got something at FP last season.
Rotherham (H). Postponed.
Blackpool (A). A place we have a good recent record, but another long trip.

Add on that we are embedding a few new players, especially in attack where it's not at all clear what is our best front four. A bit of bad luck and you could see us at the end of August with most teams having played six games, and Pompey on about 5 points. I just hope the fans don't get edgy, especially at FP, if we start slowly.
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By Selsey Bill
Sounds ridiculous saying this when we are still in August, but we really need a win tonight. The good news is that this game is coming so soon after Sunderland away, and gives Kenny and the boys a great chance to steady the good ship Pompey. I'm intrigued to see what team he puts out tonight, can see him making one or two changes, especially to our back four. Those two goals on Saturday are still haunting me - so sloppy, and so needless. I can see Raggett coming in for Burgess, and if fit, Bolton for Walkes. He could obviously bring McCRorie in to RB, but my personal view is that he would be wasted here. I'd rather see him in for Close, but Jackett is quite loyal and will probably stick with Ben, especially at home. What I do know is that the Scotsman has to start. He looked a country mile ahead of the majority of our team when he came on. The other two players who I believe are on borrowed time are Brown and Curtis, but again, I suspect KJ will stick with them for the time being. I'd like to see Haunstrup get a run out soon, and hopefully Ryan Williams will be fit soon as I could see him being a good replacement for Curtis who needs competition. One other thing, I like what I have seen of Cannon so far this season, but I'd quite like to see Pitman in the hole at some point as we all know he can score goals. I'm surprised he wasn't brought on on Saturday to be honest. There's always a chance with Brett on the pitch that he'll pull a goal out of nowhere. PUP.
By Pompey1985
I think we are entering another season where Kenny doesn't know his best eleven, the squad is good but the team doesn't pick itself.

I think this was the case for much of last season too. I'd like to see something change when we make subs, for example change the shape - on Saturday we were chasing the game and we still played the same shape but with a centre mid at right back...

Why not mix it up a bit on occasions.

Marquis needs a goal too.

Hopefully tonight as I'm setting off shortly to get down the park.
By Jack_Tinn
totally agree about Raggett and Bolton for Burgess and Walkes.

McCrorie for me has to start with Close the unlucky one to move to the bench.

So three changes for me tonight and I expect a close game. If McCrorie and Canno can control midfield that I think this will be decisive.

nervy 1-0 win to put Pompey on 6 pts before the 'break' in league action before the away game at Blackpool at the end of the month
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By Locky_McLockface
Pompey1985 wrote:
Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:49 am
I think we are entering another season where Kenny doesn't know his best eleven.
I think the point is that there isn't a "best eleven"

For me, as others have said, swap Raggett and Bolton for Burgess and Walkes. If Bolton isn't fit, then put Evans at RB - we know he can do a job there. I fear that KJ will swap McRorie for Walkes - there was a piece in the Snooze that said that KJ was considering this, but this could easily be the Snooze reading too much into the answer KJ gave to that direct question, but McRorie would be wasted at RB.

If Bolton is fit, then I would like to see Evans in for Curtis. I think Curtis' bubble has burst.
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By New Forester
I need a very strong coffee. 😰😰😰
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By Sam_Brown
I appreciate freak results like this happen but why was Jackett bringing on a 5th defender against 9 men?
By Milton End
Guy Whittingham very critical of both midfielders throughout the match tonight on the BBC radio commentary.
By eltorrro
One goal and one assist this evening :rofl

...and that's about all he did...not an award winning performance nor a match winning!! 8)
By eltorrro
Milton End wrote:
Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:54 pm
Guy Whittingham very critical of both midfielders throughout the match tonight on the BBC radio commentary.
And he was right to do so. Burgess is far better than any of those CH's tonight. 8)
By BlueinPLtwenty
the idea was to have three at the back and release the two full backs to be out and out wingers

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