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By Weybridge
Chairman : ALI AL-FARAJ

GK : YOSHI KAWAGUCHI - came with a Far East rock-god, warrior-prince reputation. Impressive array of cameras. Built like a schoolboy, one who got bullied a lot.

FB : ROBBIE PETHICK - Non-league nice guy, who did probably finish last.
CB : CARL TILER. Seemed a safe bet at the time. Good rep, totally forgot how to head a ball while wearing a blue shirt.
CB : HAMILTON THORP - The worst of the Aussie experiments. Thank you for the North Stand Roof, Terry Venables. But this cancels it out.
FB : BORIS ZIVKOVIC - Possibly the only Croatian in existence with no ball control.

MF : ROBERT PROSINECKI - This actually happened, right? I didn’t just dream it? He makes up for everyone else on the list.
MF : AMDY ‘JOHN’ FAYE - Definitely not kidnapped by Harry Redknapp, who definitely didn’t lie about his name in the pre-season friendly, and his agent definitely knew where he was the whole time.
MF : MIGUEL FERNANDES. We definitely own him 100%. Ok, maybe 50%, once we actually start paying someone, which we won’t. Not sure who. I think its some Italian businessmen. Or his agents. Could even be Porto. We don’t know, ok?
RW : GEORGE LAWRENCE. Should we sign 20 goal David Speedie for 50k to get us over the promotion line? Nah, bring George Lawrence out of retirement from Weymouth. Just don’t tell the fans. Let the announcer reveal it in the line up or something. They might not notice.

CF : LEE CHAPMAN. Turn up, bang in 3 goals in 2 games. Realise you can do better. Leave for West Ham without unpacking.
CF : RORY ALLEN : Club record signing. 15 appearances. Bones made of tissue paper, nightclub fight - sold to the Barmy Army for a six-pack down under.
Great post @Weybridge. Really well articulated.

I remember the talk of the terraces at the time there was that Lee Chapman left for a different reason to the one you mention? I think your explanation is probably more accurate.
By Dinksy
Proseneki's presence reminds me of that Harry Redknapp anecdote about West Ham's 1965 or 66 season.

"We had Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Matin Peters in the side but still and only managed to finish half-way up the table. It just shows you how sh*t the rest of us were!
Chalky definitely a worse keeper than Yoshi for sure. But I picked the Japanese Beckham for the yen-crusted thinking behind it.

But how did I miss Collins Mbesuma? You can't miss him!
I remember when Collins Mbesuma signed from Kaiser Chiefs he alienated himself from the Pompey fans before even kicking a ball by announcing that he saw his move to Pompey as a stepping stone to getting his dream move to Manchester United.

Well that never quite happened. :lol:
I recall Yoshi's first game at Sheff Wednesday - the fans around me were querying how anyone could be a keeper that small and I laughed and said that he would concede one over his head in the first minute...…. 30 seconds later and the rest is history.
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