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By Selsey Bill
Haven't had time to think through all the ramifications, but it sounds like a great deal to me. Worth taking up if only to 'reserve' your seat for the following season surely? Anyway, pretty sure the credit I have with the club for last season's tickets and the Ipswich and Oxford away games will more than cover it. haven't ventured on to Facebook or Twitter yet, but no doubt most Pompey fans will find something in it to moan about.
By Mr D Nuts
Worth having for £25 but I doubt anywhere will be allowed a full capacity again If this "conservative" government have their way.
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By New Forester
It's a no brainer. £25 secures your seat for future seasons and you get the opportunity to buy a ticket for a match on a rotational basis. No obligation to buy though. So what's not to like?
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By Pompey Penguin
Sounds as fair as it is possible to be given the likely restrictions.

Although, given my luck I will be allocated evening games and not able to attend.



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