Well, it looks like the general global climate means a few of us are heading for the Spanish Fiddler.
If that includes you, add yourself to the list here.
If you are looking to employ, add something here too.
Any other useful help / hints for those affected, add that too.

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By Northender
My son is 17 in June. Left school last June and has since been through the Military Preparation College at Hilsea.

He still intends to Join the Navy or RFA but until he can re-apply (he failed last June and has to wait 12 months) he is looking for any work that will keep him busy like general labouring etc. He likes physical work and especially outdoors. Willing to give anything a go.

He's a good lad so if anyone can help him find something, we will be eternally grateful. PM me or leave a post. He has a CV which he can send


By Annie.
Tough times out there Northender. Let us hope someone sees this and gives your lad a break.

Looking for people at Stunts place but have to be fluent in Dutch and over 18 , cos of the machinery.

I take it your lad has tried Mcdonalds, wimpeys ( are they still going??) etc.,
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By Northender
Handing CV's out like Confetti Annie - Lots of competition out there in his predicament.

Child Benefit now ended and the state allows him nothing at all :(
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By Northender
Update: He's sorted.

Now doing an Active Leaders Course in Sport at Goals, Millbrook. Gets his EMA and child benefit is re-instated so he has some money to spend - albeit not a lot.

He then wants to go back to Military Preparation College, get even fitter and go through army selection.

A year ago, he was 16st 10 and only his thumbs got exercise on the Xbox. Now he is 13st 8 and thinks nothing of running 7 or 8 miles !! He Loves it.

My thanks to all who at least took the time to read my plea for help !! :thumb
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