Well, it looks like the general global climate means a few of us are heading for the Spanish Fiddler.
If that includes you, add yourself to the list here.
If you are looking to employ, add something here too.
Any other useful help / hints for those affected, add that too.

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Coming to the end of my LPC at College of Law, Chester. Having completed by GDL last year with Commendation, I'm currently looking at achieving a combined (2:1) Law LLB.

As such, I'm looking for Trainee Solicitor posts. I'm not limited by geography, though due to personal and financial circumstances, I wouldn't be able to wholly fund a complete move if the wage offered wasn't above a certain level (not a whole lot above Law Society minimum (£16,400)). I'm not limited by firm, area, and (to the extent indicated above) wage. However, my view is to seek a trainee position with an emphasis, and eventual qualification into, Agricultural Law.

Should you know anyone, or a firm that would offer such a position, then I'm available for contact through PM initially, and faster communication thereafter.

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