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By PakefieldBlue
I know it'll never happen, but I'd like to see KJ try a diamond midfield with two upfront. We are so predictable at the moment. So my line up for the next game would be:

Bolton Downing Burgess Haunstrup
Cannon Curtis
Harrison Marquis
By Dinksy
I'm afraid none of these tweaks will work PB until we have a creative holding midfielder. Doyle was the key to the promotion team, Thompson was the key to our surge to the top of League Two, but we have no-one of that ilk. Worst than that our lack of options means we have to perservere with someone like Ben Close who is a decent player but way out of form and facing increasing flak from the fans.
My best hope is that we can keep in touch with the play-offs for the rest of the year with the current misfits and then recruit someone in January. I have to say, however, that I am not confident with KJ's judgment on signings nor his former-physio-turned head of recruitment Phil Boardman. I would prefer to have someone out of the game at the moment with loads of experience scouting the country. I would trust someone like Ronnie Moore who has tremendous knowledge of the lower leagues.

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