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By pompeygunner
I've been advised to maintain social distancing. I've got Crohns Disease & take immunosuppressive meds. Its my call whether I will isolate myself, I think I will.
Take care everyone, strange times we live in.
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By blue architect
I've gone into selective isolation. I work from home anyway so not much of a change, just not meeting clients personally and only visiting sites under my terms.
I have an underlying heart condition (being driven by a pacemaker and defibrillator) so just need to be a bit wary.
Take care people, unfortunately this is just the beginning.....
By No Shot Sherlock
Well, it's official. Mrs NSS got the notification this evening that confirms she made it onto the list of 1.5 million to be 'shielded'. We're not allowed to leave the house for 12 weeks, not even for exercise. Interestingly, the message says we can open one window, but we never do that as I built our home to provide the best possible air quality for her condition so we have full Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) with near HEPA levels of filtering. It is as near as we could make it an hermetically sealed bubble. Hopefully it will serve us well over the next three months.

Stay safe everyone, and stay at home!
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By Portchester PFC
All present and correct here, currently in enforced self isolation, second of two weeks after oversea work. Things rapidly changing but probably going to have to go into work occasionally next week, but working at home primarily.

Stay safe everyone, see you on the other side.
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By GreenBlue
Following Government advice and avoiding social contact as best I can. I am trying to work from home, internet permitting. Also delivering basics to my self isolating mother and next time I do that I may pop into work one evening when nobody is there to get some more work. Ditto all the above, stay safe people. Like him or loathe him, I do believe the PM's latest is in the best interest of the country.
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By RubiconCSL
All present and correct. We got the two younger Rubis back here last Thursday, plus daughters boyfriend. We had an inkling we'd need to do it soon. I did think the curfew/shutdown would have been last weekend, hence the urgency. So we've got the band back together. All safe and sound at the moment we think, although Rubi Jnr has had a headache and stomach ache for a few days. Seems a bit better today. Hoping it's not the dreaded lurgy. After that, we are all staying put. We are in the middle of moving house, but all parties happily agree we hold fire for a few months. That suits us fine too; we have a big garden here and a separate cottage, so any self-isolation will be possible.

Homeworking seems to be okay so far; we've got 5 people working here daily now! From the experience of holidays together, just how well we'll be getting on after two weeks though, only time will tell!

I hope to see you all at the other end of this bad boy. Keep safe!
By Dinksy
Thanks Rubicon. I almost forgot how much I love eclairs (or is it a hot dog....?)
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By New Forester
New Forester wrote:
Thu Mar 19, 2020 6:30 am
The Mrs and I are 151 so are already following the advice. The only problem we face is deciding what to do about shopping for essentials. At present we are thinking of doing a weekly shop early morning. Our local Tesco opens at 6am and that would suit us. Neither of us have an underlying condition and are quite capable of driving. Surely if every 70 plus stays at home the supermarkets won't cope with home delivery and local volunteers will be overwhelmed.

So if you are over 70 and in the same position as us, will you still go food shopping?

No shopping for 12 weeks. Local butcher and young close neighbour will see us through. Village group matched volunteers with those needing help. Garden looking better by the day.
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