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Harvey Weinstein has been (allegedly) diagnosed in prison. Anyone think he might do a Jeffry Epstein and (allegedly die in jail) whilst we all really know he paid a huge wad to have his death faked and has disappeared to a private island somewhere.
Nipped out to grab a few essentials yesterday.

Woman in queue ahead of me is angrily moaning to anyone within earshot how useless her husband is. She sent him out shopping, and all he came back with was Lucozade and fags.

Another guy tries explaining how bad its going to get - and what martial law is. Which doesn't help Woman-in-front's anger issues.

Saw my first proper hoarder, dressed for the Winter Olympics pushing a trolley full to overflowing. Now he could have a big family, admitted. But he did seem to just have three of every item he could lay his hands on.

And no exaggeration, at least 50% of shoppers in masks. Its weird. Understandable, but still weird.
No.2 son works at Waitrose in Bristol.

They have a "Max 3 of an item" limit.

He served a customer who had 15 pizzas. 3 each of 5 varieties. Although he said nothing, she felt the need to justify her purchase by advising him that her local restaurant was closed.

Having left the shop, she re-entered a few minutes later, and attempted to purchase another 15 pizzas - 3 each of 5 varieties.
Eggs - that's what I don't get. Literally and figuratively.

I don't think I've ever been into a supermarket without seeing at least 5000 eggs cartoned up ready for sale. Not been able to get a single egg for almost three weeks now.

What are people doing with them? You can't freeze them. They're good in the fridge for what? 6 weeks? Even a bit longer if you're lucky, but they take up space. Out of the fridge, 3 weeks at best - so you can't hoard them.

If eggs are all that people are eating, and sat down all day avoiding exercise, nobody's going to need that bog roll for a while.
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