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I’ve had Pompey shirts going back decades and none of them have deteriorated like the recent Nike kit has in the last 12 months.

Main issue is some of the writing on the back and the front is starting to peel off. I’ve not had this issue before apart from the old Oki Printers one which are almost 15 years old now.

Just curious if I’m unlucky or doing something wrong when washing them as it’s putting me off buying the new shirt at the moment.
Mike Pence, who washes all my shirts with the Make America Great Again lettering tells me to turn it inside out, cold water, gentle cycle.
Of course this assumes you have a washing machine and aren't beating it on a rock in the harbor.
Meanwhile, I'll threaten Nike guy, who probably doesn't make his shirts in America, with some tariffs.
Was in the Pompey shop yesterday and a few people were warning about how on the new kit the University of Portsmouth branding was coming off of some of the shirts still on the rack and to be careful not to get one that wasn’t decent. I still picked up a new shirt and one of the zip jackets but wondering if anyone with the new kit has had any issues.

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