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By RubiconCSL
Just bought two tickets for tomorrow, for Rubi Jnr and me. There was no option (not that my aged eyes spotted anyway) for where/how to get the tickets. I assumed in this day and age, it would be print at home. Nothing on the OS seems to say. The order summary contains the following: -
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 Order summary
Subtotal    £30.00
Collection from Fratton Park/Away Stadium    No Fee
Do I assume I pick them up from Loftus Road somewhere? I do hope I'm not expected to "pop down" to FP to pick them up tomorrow!
Phew! Thanks :)
richisbradders wrote:
Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:59 pm ... et-update/

“Fans collecting tickets at the ground should visit the kiosk in South Africa Road (located between ticket office and club store), which opens 90 minutes before kick-off.”

You might be alright?
Looks easy to find, directly opposite the tube station. Might see you there. I've got to pick our tickets up from their ticket office, so don't want to be too late to the ground. Google says 20 minute walk. I reckon we'll get to the pub about 6:15.
Selsey Bill wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:07 am
See you there Rubi! I'm going with my 3 - we're going for a few beers in Belushi's in Shepherds Bush before hand.

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