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By PakefieldBlue
Considering our start to the season and their start to the season, an away point at Blackpool isn't so bad is it. Sounded from the radio commentary that Marquis could have scored and that Ross Mc was lucky to not get a second yellow.
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By rumourmonger
Relax . All the easy games are still to come.

Wasn't it the dropped points against lowly opposition that we bemoaned last season...and the one before that. We struggle in easy games :twisted: :shock:
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By New Forester
Just home from the game. Best feature of the afternoon was the relentless support of our fans. Didn’t hear a peak from the home fans until they scored. As to the match, best forgotten. A disjointed performance. Ross Mc is a bit of a worry. He was looking good before he got his yellow card but then went into his shell. Harness going off was a big loss. He’d been our outstanding player until then. We seem to have a lot of promising players but they are a long way off a settled and consistent team. Blackpool deserved to win. We had some chances, so not too disappointed with a point. Still early days. Perhaps we are getting our bad patch out of the way early.
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By New Forester
I referred to Mc in my previous post. So this is no surprise: ... ssion=true

Before the yellow card he was very effective. After, he was a different player and contributed very little. Let’s hope he learns quickly.

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