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By Pompey Penguin
It was always doubtful with MacGillivray off with Scotland; adding in Curtis and McCrorie and we are entitled to call the game off. I suspect that Harness was the last straw.

With Bury also off, that gives us 17 days before the next league game, so we might even see James Bolton fit.
By Pompey1985
Purbrook Chimes wrote:
Sun Sep 01, 2019 11:35 am
there was a story on the News website but it keeps telling I can't read it without registering and I always avoid doing things like that
Depending on your browser right click and open in private or Incognito.

Read as many articles as you like.

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By Weybridge
I think calling it off is the right decision. I know plenty of fans want us to try and build a bit of momentum and not see us at the wrong end of the table, but regularly playing your strongest eleven is of more importance.
By PakefieldBlue
Personally I think it can work in our favour. Clearly we haven't clicked into form yet, so having a couple of weeks off to train and work on systems can only be good. This team is to good to not hit form soon, even if it is despite a negative manager, and when they do then they will have plenty of games to get their teeth into.
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By Selsey Bill
Quite heated debate about this on Twitter. Personally, I feel Jackett was damned if he did, damned if he didn't, but that he has made the right decision. OK, so Southend have lost 6 on the bounce, but that has to end at some point, and with Big Mac, McCrorie, Curtis and Harness all out it would be very risky in my opinion.
By uspompeyfan
I may have issues with the guy and his decision making on the field, but, he is paid to make these choices. As fans we can get frustrated, but have no objectivity other than our own ideas always being right (I am as guilty as 99% of the World in this). Consequently, he made the decision he felt right for the club...that should be an end of it.

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