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By Dinksy
Now this is a curious one....
Last week after Rochdale, we had Joe Gallen saying:
“The manager and I believe Oli Hawkins can be a very good centre half, the key thing is that Oli Hawkins believes that he can be a very good centre half."
Today, we have Ollie himself saying:
"I want to be a striker. In the back of my head I’m thinking why am I not in contention to be a centre forward, I did a good job up there and felt a bit discarded”
Confused? It may be a bit moot anyway because for me he does a great job in either position. He may not have a great deal of technical prowess but unlike some of his colleagues, his attitude and workrate are always spot on. I would like to see him reclaim his centre forward role when Jack comes back to partner Burgess possibly in time for Accrington away.
Watched a special last weekend on how Sheff Utd have this odd new tactic of breaking one of the center backs forward upon winning the ball. Maybe he could fill that role. Centerbackttacker.
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By Selsey Bill
He's nowhere near as good as Ellis Harrison up top so as long as Ellis stays fit, he has no chance. However, crazily, he is better in defence than Raggett and Downing.
By Dinksy
I wasn't thinking of Harrison. How does he compare with Marquis? About evens on the goal-scoring front (games for goals) and way better in terms of attiude.


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