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By Dinksy
Marquis is Smith in disguise. When Jack is back, KJ needs to drop him and put Ollie up there. Better attitude, better player.
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By The Cincinnati Kid
Something is a bit off about Marquis career innit?
Here's a guy that has spent his entire career on loan. He was actually loaned to us back in 2013 and I believe he was loaned to us by.....drum roll....Kenny Jackett!
His career stats (FACTS) are a goal every 3 games which he's not far short of with us, 4 in 17 I believe.
Other than with Donny, bout the only playing time hes had not on loan, where to his credit he's netted 1 every 2 games for 2 of his 3 seasons and was on the 1 in 3 form for the other.
Anyhoo…..stick with the man, I think he'll tap enough in by seasons end.

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