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By Sam_Brown
Since losing to Southampton on the 24th September we've played 14 games, won 10 and only lost 1.

There's been a lot of doom and gloom on here due to the ****** poor start but do even the most pessimistic of us feel like we have finally turned the corner?
By pompeygunner
I think we have to temper it a bit because some of the opposition hasn't been great. (Few draws in amongst that run btw). But if we can prevail against a very decent Peterborough I would say most definitely a corner has been turned.
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By Selsey Bill
No Shot Sherlock wrote:
Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:48 pm
Next three home games are against the current top three in the division. Let's see where we are after those games before getting too excited.
Our December results basically define our season. We now have all our injured players back bar Whatmough and Morris, and Jack's not far off, so there are no excuses with the squad we have. I still don't think Jackett knows who his best starting eleven are though. :cry:
By Dinksy
In many ways, I'd much rather be in our present position with expectations low but clear signs of improvement and plenty of time to make an impression on the promotion places than sitting on top of the division for four months only to blow it.
As we know from 2016-17, it's all about timing.
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By New Forester
Win the next three league games and we are up and running.
By Sam_Brown
15 games without a loss now and a draw against one of the top teams in the league. Yes a win would have been nice but can't argue the pompey train continues :thumb
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