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By pompeygunner
Its basically going to be concreted over the existing stand, which means better & safer steps etc. One tier. It has the sound of a temporary fix to me anyway, which means Tornante still not fully decided on quite what they want to do as yet.
But it will be a improvement. Doubt it'll mean more seats.
By Pompey1984+1
It doesn't look hugely different but the facilities it offers are a huge improvement and opportunity for additional revenue.

If they managed to do similar for all the stands with similar capacity increases I think we will have a tidy looking stadium.
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By Sam_Brown
Apologies but I'm old enough and jaded enough to know that plans being submitted mean next to nothing! I still remember back in 2005 when Mandaric got on the digger and started the work towards the rotating the ground 90 degrees to increase the capacity to 28,000! ... -1-1220276

What do we feel the actual chances of this actually happening as opposed to the numerous false dawns in the past?
By Pompey1984+1
I see no reason why it won't get done if it gets planning permission. It desperately needs doing. It increases attendance (more money) it enables betting (more money) it enables sale of alcohol and food (more money).

Granted it doesn't look much different, but it's phase one, it's a huge step in the right direction.

I think it's a something to look forward too..
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By New Forester
Just hope I'm still here to see it finished. Looks good to me.

So what are likely to be reasons for it to be rejected by the planners?
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By This Time Next Year
New Forester wrote:
Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:29 pm
So what are likely to be reasons for it to be rejected by the planners?
Objections from locals? - Though can't see light levels would be much changed
Increased traffic / footfall from attendance with no allowance or plan to handle increased traffic?
Endangered centipedes living in dog s#!t alley?
Southampton fans on the planning approvals board?
Brent Geese?

Also, don't rule out planning permission being granted but it still not going ahead...
Shelved in favour of bigger grander plans, that themselves fall through?
Outbreak of WW3?
Resourcing issues post Brexit after loss of EU workers?

Take your pick if you're feeling pessimistic :D :lol: :thumb
By Pompey1984+1
Have to say I like the entrances and what looks to be a nod to the mock Tudor on the cladding of the stand. The inclusion of lifts, and the media facilities could lead to more TV games I guess rather than them having to build a box each game.
By FatBlueAde
Must say, i like the look of what's being proposed........that said all of the unrealised plans I've seen over the years have looked pretty good. Nice clean lines and looks smart, practical and not overly ostentatious fingers crossed we get to see it to fruition.
By No Shot Sherlock
Haven't they already said nothing will happen unless Network Rail stomp up for a new bridge/walkway?

And whilst I applaud the inclusion of better disabled facilities and improved catering/toilets, I fail to see how this gets us any measurably closer to having a stadium that can see the club achieve a self-sustainable future at this level, let alone Championship level.

A waste of money imho. FFS stop fannying around with sticking plasters when what's needed is a double lung and heart transplant!
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