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I don't know about anybody else but I still don't have a clear view of how this division will pan out. It continues to bemuse me. Bristol Rovers sit in 12th place but are only 2 points off the play-offs! So, a challenge: who do you think will end the season in the top 6 and in what order. Here's my attempt...

1. Rotherham. (Finally found the form expected from the side who were in the Championship last season)
2. Sunderland (having a dreadful season yet already in the play-offs and starting to come good)
3. Doncaster (On a very decent run and a game in hand. Darren Moore is starting to get the best from them)
4. Ipswich (Will continue to stutter but will do enough to make the play-offs)
5. Coventry (No home but still hard to beat wherever they play)
6. Pompey (Just pipping Oxford)

Missing out... Oxford, Wycombe, Fleetwood & Peterborough
Before yesterday's results, this was the prediction of the mathematical algorithm website 538:

Rotherham 78 pts
Ipswich Town 75 pts
Oxford United 74 pts
Sunderland 74 pts
Doncaster 72 pts
Coventry City 71pts

We are seeing with VAR just how nonsensical it is trying to apply sliderule principles to sport. For the humans among us who have seen things happen that could not have been predicted lots of times, my best shout is that Phil Parkinson is going to have the last laugh with all the rabid fans calling for his head two weeks ago by seeing Sunderland crowned as champions.
Then it's between us, Ipswich and Rotherham for second spot and anyone of the next twelve vying for the remaining play-off positions.
The one thing I think is accurate about the above table is the ridiculously low total required to go up. We may not have a better opportunity than this year. Whether Tornante will bankroll what it will take to then stay up in the Chumpionship is another matter.
I think we’ll go crazy trying to predict anything in this division.

Pompey still have to go away to four of the current top six, which could be a concern - but that group could be entirely different in a couple of weeks. But somehow, we’re still unbeaten at home which will still be the case at the end of January.

Wycombe have taken just one point from their last five matches. Yet they’re still in 2nd. How does that work!?



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