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By New Forester
Just arrived home. Coach got stuck getting out of car park. Then M27 junctions closures tonight. Why do we do these things?! Match was scrappy. Agree about Marquis/Harrison issue.

The thing that struck me was the size and conduct of the Coventry crowd. They just don't deserve to be where they are. For a City with a catchment area of over half a million to produce just about 5000 fans for a promotion clash? And groundsharing is no excuse. They simply didn't wake up until they scored. 1500 Pompey fans demonstrated how to support a team throughout a match.
By Dinksy
Key players underperforming or nullified made the difference. Not a sniff from the left side all night with Curtis and Seddon perhaps understandably feeling the toll of their recent high-energy performances. Marquis, his usual anonymous self, and Close and bit lost amongst the muscle of Coventry's midfield.
Ah well, I'm going to look at Rubicon's post again to cheer myself up...
By Pompey1984+1
It was a turgid first half with Coventry probably just about shading it - I was surprised how little football they played. I keep hearing how their style is exceptional and nobody can cope with it. Personally I thought they offered little and we offered even less. That being said when we got the ball down we knocked it around more nicely than them. I never felt like we were going to conceed.

Second half started similar and then we started to get a foothold in the game. The injection of Harrison looked like a game changer, it just didn't come off for Harness.

Their goal was needless we didn't need to give away the throw in and from there the rest is history.

I wasn't impressed with Coventry at all, and there is a long way to go. If we can put another run together then last night doesn't matter.

I do think Marquis would have scored the chance Harrison had right at the death though.
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By Pompey Penguin
Pompey1984+1 wrote:
Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:05 am
If we can put another run together then last night doesn't matter.
I think this is critical. Saturday's game against Shrewsbury is now very important. There is no shame in losing away to Coventry, and if we had got two draws from the last two away matches it would seem better, but one point less than a W-L. Results around us were a mixed bag, but nothing critical especially with Wycombe losing at home. Don't panic, and just get back on the horse.

Too many times this season L1 teams have gone on a great run, and then lost a game which has spiralled into losing a few in a row, maybe with the odd draw (Oxford, Ipswich spring to mind as the most recent examples), and then drop down the table as confidence crumbles. It is important that we don't fall into the same trap.
By Pompey1984+1
Agreed, and I think we are more than capable of doing it.

I think we missed cannon last night, he seems to drive us forward and travel with the ball - we just couldn't get our widemen into the game.

Hey ho.
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By New Forester
I'm trying to post a photo here for the first time. This was St Andrews last night. Only two areas were open. A bit like a EFL Trophy match at Fratton Park.
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By rumourmonger
The omens are good for Saturday. Our referee is Lee Swabey. His last four visits to Fratton Park have been Southend 4-1 , Rochdale 4-1 , Fleetwood 1-0 and Oxford Utd 4-1. I think I know what I'm going to predict in the La La League.
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By New Forester
For some of us that is not a good omen statistically. There's a greater chance the sequence will end rather than continuing!


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