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By The Cincinnati Kid
Hi Ho Kid fans! Well, there’s no footy and the globe is in crisis!
Also, y'all will soon be stuck indoors.
Might as well have a show.
First up, the classic tune, I Fought The Law. Written by Sonny Curtis, it was first a hit for The Bobby Fuller Four in 1960. Shortly thereafter, Bobby Fuller was found dead in his car of “mysterious circumstances” in LA. Covered by many including Green Day / The Stray Cats there no doubt the version from The Clash, circa 1979 is the best. But this version is pretty damn good and has dancing girls.

The Bobby Fuller Four
You know Kid fans, I am just not sold on modern music. I sound like my parents when complaining about it. Apparently, “Drake” has outsold the likes of The Beetles, Bowie etc. Here’s one thing I’m sure of. 25 yrs from now, someone, somewhere will be spinning Changes and Drake will be as forgotten as the poo I flushed about an hour ago.

David Bowie Ch ch ch ch ch Changes

Wanna see some geetar skills? Check out guitar George here….he knows ALL the chords….fer sure.
Dire Straits Sultans of Swing, more riffs than a riff shop in Rifftown, Riffshire, Riffland.

Time for a comedy break. When you take the great works of Bwitish comedy its hard to pick a winner innit. Python / Blackadder / Reggie / I could go on.
Here's a contender for the gold medal though. This still makes me laugh after seeing it 100 times. Steve Martin was OK in the role but he didn’t quite pull it off did he.

I think, had he lived, Eddie Cochran would have been as big as Elvis. But alas, The A3 in Chippenham cut him down probably before he could take a small aircraft anywhere
Eddie Cochran Summertime Blues
A bit of Freddie at his best for y’all. Has there been a better rock vocalist? A better front man? A better showman? I think not. Mr. Fahrenheit. Btw, if you have yet to see the movie with Rami Malek as Freddie, go rent / download / stream / steal from the intertwittergooglyweb.

Queen Don’t Stop Me Now

Right Kid fans, a test of your musical genius. If you can connect this to the shows opener by The Bobby Fuller Four we shall all be terribly impressed!
Toots & the Maytals Pressure Drop

Stay Healthy….Kid Out
By Dinksy
Cochran and Holly tragically both killed within a year. What they both achieved at 21 is staggering and makes you wonder what they might have gone on to achieve.

Anyway, yes, Steven Martin was a bit hit and miss as Clouseau but here's where he earned his crust and more in the role:

Dinksy wrote:
Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:53 am
Cochran and Holly tragically both killed within a year. What they both achieved at 21 is staggering and makes you wonder what they might have gone on to achieve.
Yup, quite right on Holly and Cochran. I think Eddie especially as he was ahead of his time in the studio and a good looking SOB to boot.
Couple of interesting ditty's re Eddies car crash (twas a taxi). Gene Vincent was in the car also. Injured but survived. Also, Eddie's guitar was purloined by a police cadet who later became Dave Dee of the band Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich,

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