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By eltorrro
Has it been lost on people that Pompey was formed 5th April 1898 and the EFL Trophy final is (supposedly) 5th April? 'it's a sign, it's a sign'. 8)

yes, I'm bored!!!
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By Pompski!
I presume there will be automated refunds once they formally cancel this?

Absolutely gutted as we missed out attending last year. Health is more important though and as long as we still have a club when this is all over, I'll take that.
By eltorrro
The Cincinnati Kid wrote:
Wed Mar 18, 2020 11:58 am
Spain must be in lock down like Brother Kid.
Yup..not allowed out, all shops closed apart from supermarkets, pharmacies and garages. Having said that...just returned from s/market shop..dead easy, nobody about, as much food and bog rolls as you police check points, no cars on the road. Wonder how long that situation will last?

How is it across the pond? 8)
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By The Cincinnati Kid
Varies by State, Round here, schools out, no gatherings, bars / gyms / restaurants closed other than drive through or delivery but not yet locked down. Expect that to hit NYC and maybe San fran in a day or 2. The rest of the stuff is for now, "Advisory" ie stay home, no unnecessary travel etc etc.

Just went to the hardware store. I sense some home improvement projects in my near future.
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By The Cincinnati Kid
Bluesbro' wrote:
Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:44 pm
Bigger Gun-Cabinet? :thumb

Nah, the gun safe is good. The better half has brought me a new kitchen sink and rather a lot of paint though.
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By Weybridge
I can see them playing the final at a far later date, and cancelling the 20/21 tournament. Its not a money spinner for anybody. Pompey v Sunderland paid dividends for Checkatrade, but its hardly the same for Leasing this year.

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