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Anyone have any hints, tips or things to do? To help break up what are no doubt going to seem like endless days in the confines of your own home?

I'm not actually working at home yet but the rest of my team are and some have been for a week or more now as suxh, we have taken to having a video call and deciding who has the best lunch.
Paint the fence. Then the bathroom. Then the bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen.
Then paint the outside.

Decide the colours weren't quite right.
Then paint the fence....

Repeat ad nauseum.
I've been retired now for 25 years. Apart from Pompey trips and occasional lunches with two old mates most of my days now begin with trip to a Lymington coffee shop for breakfast and home by about 9.30. After that I have never been bored for a single minute. But the way I live might drive most people mad. Although we live in the same house I only see my wife occasionally during the day. We simply do our own thing. For me, it's a mixture of reading novels and non fiction and spending time exploring issues on the internet arising from the subject I'm reading. I love many music genres and am quite happy to start an opera on DVD in the morning and return to it several times during the day. I seem to spend a lot of time looking at possible upgrades to my hi fi and technology but don't often change. My gardening rarely extends to more than an hour at a time but it gets done. Then there's photography. And with the Forest all around I pop out for the occasional walk. The really big change is going to be the absence of sport to watch during the coming weeks. But I'm sure I'll find something to do. But not painting or DIY. Hate it! Will pop in here to be entertained!

I'm missing the coffee shop already. Having to do a bit of housework.
We look after our two year old granddaughter every Wednesday, except yesterday was the last time we'll be doing so for the next 12 weeks or more. Hopefully the worst of this will be behind us before grandchild number two arrives in 16 weeks time, but during the enforced separation I'm going to decorate her/their bedroom here. Mrs NSS also has a list of other jobs for me to do that seems to be growing faster than the CV19 infection rate!
I went to Aylesbury on Sunday to photograph a Mountain Bike Downhill event. Surprisingly well attended given the circumstances. Then I suppose catching the virus is nothing compared to the risk of breaking your face at 40mph on a rogue tree stump!

Anyway, it was in the pouring rain and I turned up at work on Monday with a slight sniffle. I was immediately banished home and told to stay put until further notice. So, weeks of working from home for me. I don't think I've been this stress free for ages!

Better coffee, better music. Already more productive!
My work continues and I still have to go but if we are shut down, I have just taken out a six-month subscription to Ancestry. I'll need more than 6 months to dig into my family's past as deep as I am hoping. Should keep me busy.
It has been my experience that jobs tend to expand to fill the time available. When I was working, I would do gardening/ home maintenance jobs without any delay, but nowadays I can spend days planning some insignificant job, which before I would have completed in a few minutes!

I do find that making lists of outstanding jobs helps to concentrate the mind, and it makes you feel good when you tick them off! In the last couple of years I have got more interested in fruit and vegetable gardening - at least you can hopefully eat what you grow. Also in my case, golf takes quite a bit of time, although I haven't been able to play for the last few weeks. Oh, and walking the dog twice a day.
I've been able to work from home in the past but did it fleetingly as I need screen estate.

However, as I'm part of the civil contingency team I've been able to bring some monitors home, as the home office is no more. It's been worth its weight in gold, as I've been working all manner of ours including now as we try and identify and put things in place to keep providing them with the care and services they need.

Hard work, long hours but necessary and hopefully helpful.
Dinksy wrote:
Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:58 am
COD: Modern Warfare II - Almost anything from Special Ops
Good stuff. I remember book a few days off work when MW2 came out back in the day :thumb

Doom Eternal came out on Friday so I'm playing through that in between calls for work at the moment.
If you're really, really, really bored and could use a few $$ you can go online and do paid surveys. I once cracked $250 hitting it hard for a month.
You'll be lucky to rack around $3 per hour spent. Do yer research on which companies are reputable and you will need paypal.
If anyone actually does think about this, pm me for some hints and tips
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