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By meakinsl
At 16:00 GMT, Guy Mowbray unearths some memorable games, including Watford v Arsenal from 1987 and the 1978 match between West Bromwich Albion and Nottingham Forest, in the first part of his FA Cup quarter-final classics.

The second part, which features Everton v Ipswich in 1985, Derby v Sheffield Wednesday in 1993 and Manchester United v Portsmouth in 2008, is on BBC One on Sunday at 16:40 GMT.
By BlueinPLtwenty
I was lucky enough to go to the 2008 quarter final at Old Trafford. One of my best days as a Pompey Supporter. Met up with the Late` Travelling Pompey`. Still remember walking down the steps after the match had finished, singing Wemberlee Wemberlee, brings a lump to the throat even now. Play that same game 99 times out of a 100 we would have been stuffed. Watching it again on U-Tube makes you realise what a good team we had, Diarra was supreme.
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By GreenBlue
I wasn't lucky enough to have been there but it still my all time favourite YouTube Pompey watch. They thrashed us 0-1. Fantastic! :thumb
By meakinsl
There are only a few games to this day I really regret missing and this was definitely one of those, as above you could have played that game 100 times and we would have lost 99 times, a full strength united side at Old Trafford, James fingertip save and classic ending, wander how mush of the game they will show. Wander if we will get the Harry throwing his golf clubs around anecdote in the lead up. That was the day we effectively won the cup.
By BlueinPLtwenty
It is times like this when you realise how special following Pompey is. For a "Small Club" we have consistently performed "above our weight." So many other Clubs purportedly bigger than Us have won nothing or the occasional one freak result (1976 for example).
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By New Forester
1985 Everton v Ipswich was interesting - you don’t see pitches like that in the top flight any more. Or short shorts. And when did non direct free kicks get scrapped?* And only one commentator. No endless analysing going on during the game.
As to the Pompey match, what a crazy game we follow!

* Still apply? ... ree-kicks/
By Sam_Brown
The more times I watch that match the more I wonder how the hell we ended up winning it! Even though I know we win I still can't help but get animated every single time there was a goal line clearance, last ditch tackle or ball that whistled by one of the posts.
By streetrifle
One of the most amazing things about that 2008 semi final win over Man Utd, was the performance of Sulley Muntari in taking the penalty. It was surely the coolest and calmest, and the best, penalty I have ever seen. I was blown away with his execution (I watched it in a pub in Wallington). He took no run up, just stood there and hit it as clean as a whistle with left foot, with the hardest and most accurate shot into the furthermost corner of the net. Ferdinand dived the right way but had no chance.
Going back to the start of the penalty I couldn't believe that Muntari would not have a run-up because my mind went back to other similar posturing stances which ended with misses.

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