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By The Cincinnati Kid
So, I watched this on TV. Not because I normally watch the Bundesliga but to see how watching a game with no spectators / atmosphere was.

So yeah....dull. Cant see myself watching any prem games under these conditions and don't see paying to watch L1 either.
It seems to me the game is dead without the crowd.
Its like the Olympic 1500 meters final In a full stadium is exciting, but the qualifier 3 months prior in front of 50 people was only exciting for the runners mum.
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By Locky_McLockface
We watched both that and the Union Berlin v Bayern Munich game.

I say "watched"......

At least Schalke tried to play the game against Dortmund. Union Berlin were awful, it was like watching Citeh v Macclesfield.

Macclesfield U13s.
By uspompeyfan
It was sad to see the 3rd or 4th Dortmund goal greeted with silence, when it was a neatly taken move and finished well with his left foot. Almost as if they were on the training field with no applause
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