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By GreenBlue
Sawbo Blue wrote:
Wed May 20, 2020 8:01 am
I'm not a frequent poster on here but just read this article on the beeb. Hats off to John Marquis stepping up to help someone in need. ... ed-my-life
Well done John Marquis. Top man. Doing what most normal decent people would do. Unfortunately we don't often see such thingsin the press as they would rather did up dirt on players.
By Sam_Brown
I know John got a load of flack early on for not scoring many goals and his attitude on the pitch (I was one of these as well) but in retrospect feel that was mostly down to the fact he was played out of position or with little to no support up front. I don't get to many home games these days but was there for the Exeter game in the Semi Final and when he scored the winner saw what it meant to him and his goal rate has gone up a bit so I'm hoping we're going to start seeing what he's really made off next season providing we work round him a bit more. He's obviously got the talent.
By Dinksy
Sounds like John's had his own mental health issues although I don't think it's anything that has been reported.
Echoes of poor Lee Hendrie's suffering after he lost everfything in the property crash.
Anyone else watching Harry's Heroes on ITV?
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