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By eltorrro
..our illustrious manager put out a message stating our 'lack of interest' in this young fella from Hibs? who has been scoring loads of goals. KJ stated 'we already have 6 players vying for three places so we are fully covered in that area'!! What I don't understand is why he couldn't get rid/sell 3 of them and bring in one decent goal scorer?

Anybody got any views?? 8)
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By Ghengis Jones
We are unlikely to be involved much in the way of transfer activity until we know what the league will look like next season, when it will start and what division we are in. He also doesn't go public on 'wishlists' of potential future players. It could be the case that he just doesn't rate the lad over what we have currently.
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By Ghengis Jones
PS. "just sell" some players is also not going to be easy for the same reasons. Clubs at our level are looking are not looking to spend at the moment.
By Sawbo Blue
Even if Kenny is interested I doubt he wants to make it public for various reasons, not least that it would undermine the confidence of our current crop going into the playoffs.
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