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By Sam_Brown
I know it won’t happen but would love to see him at Pompey.
By FatBlueAde
Never here a bad word about him. Pompey being his natural second home would seem a shame not to give him a run here...........if only. Good luck to him.
By PakefieldBlue
FatBlueAde wrote:
Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:26 pm
Never here a bad word about him. Pompey being his natural second home would seem a shame not to give him a run here...........if only. Good luck to him.
If we have to cut our player salary budget from 4m to 2.5m, why not offer Eddie the 1.5m?? Dream land sadly.
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By GreenBlue
itsaintfunny wrote:
Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:57 pm
Leaves Bournemouth by mutual consent.
Seems to me both sides have acted in haste.
Good manager and top bloke , too many injuries with the squad this season.
Agree, way too hasty. Most clubs in the Championship would jump at the chance to get someone like him as their manager but obviously Bournemouth believe they can do better. They probably have his replacement lined up already though.

... and like most everyone else, I would love to have him as our manager but KJ is going nowhere.
By Dinksy
Good call from Eddie. Way bigger than Bournemouth and somewhat taken-for-granted there methinks. Will go on to bigger and better things while the Cherries slip back to League One within two seasons
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By Pompey Penguin
When Bournemouth were promoted to the PL they drove a bus through the FP regulations as they were at that time; as did Wolves more recently. It was noted that if they hadn't been promoted out of the EFL, they would have been subject to punishment the following season. Has this been conveniently forgotten, or too long a gap, or no longer aplicable?

On Howe, there should be plenty of PL suitors over the next 12 months. In addition to Spurs, West Ham and Crystal Palace may well need new managers, and there will be the usual random sackings. Howe would be top of the list for most teams.
By Jack_Tinn
I hope he takes his time and waits for the right opportunity - I think he has earnt that after what he has achieved at Bournemouth.

If I were him or advising him I would pass on the likes of Palace and West Ham and wait for a Spurs or even Newcastle (under new management) to come along. He could do worse than to go and spend some time working with the likes of Klopp and Guardiola for intense three month periods or similar because he is still only 42 and if he spent the time honing his craft and learning from the top top coaches then this would be time well spent.

I can see Howe as a future England manager and I wish him every success.

I would love him to take on Pompey but simply can't see it happening for so many reasons ..
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By Pompey Penguin
Phil McNulty on the BBC not so impressed.

But he does answer my question above.
Let's not forget this is the club that had to pay £4.75m to the Football League in July 2018 to settle a Financial Fair Play dispute arising from their promotion to the Premier League in 2014-15. They had originally been expected to be fined £7.6m after accruing a loss of £38.3m as they won the Championship.
By portchesterblue
I think he has done a wonderful job there, but has had a sugar daddy buying decent players. Although his foray to Burnley didn't go so well, I wish all the best and hope he finds a good fit for him somewhere, shame it can't be at Fratton Park but hey
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