A place where those of us who wish to can get all theological. If you would like some prayers said for you or someone you know, then this is the place.
By default, this is a readonly forum. However, anyone can have write privilege on request.

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By RubiconCSL
Right, it is finally here. After debate and much discussion, I have created this forum for those who wish to use it. A bit like God, if you don't want it, then simply don't use it; don't complain about its existence!

As there was a split on here with regard to wanting it or not, I have set it up such that if you wish to post in here, even if you are a registered user of the forum, you will need to request to join the PrayerGroup group. If you do not join, then you can read, but not contribute. If you do join, then I will not permit you to do so purely to wind-up or abuse. Any such behaviour and you will be removed from the PrayerGroup immediately and without warning. Anyone can join, but you must adhere to those rules.

I hope that this becomes a useful forum for anyone wanting to ask questions, simply browse and see what it is all about, or to request any prayers for any circumstance you may find yourselves in. There are (I now know) a lot of Christians registered on here and we hope it becomes used and not left here to gather dust :)

USPompeyFan & Chris_in_LA have kindly volunteered to help with moderating the forum; so thanks guys.
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