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By Selsey Bill
Pompey1985 wrote:Chaplin to sign for Coventry on loan till January tomorrow and a fee owed in Jan.

I think it's very telling that he isn't off to a club higher up the pecking order... Suggests somewhat that perhaps multiple managers know more than the terrace.
Spot on mate
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By Portchester PFC
I messaged a mate who is a Villa fan about him, his words were "In the reserves he has been absolutely lethal, first team he has not been so strong".

So hopefully at League 1 level we may have good a good deal here :thumb
By Pompey1985
Berkshire Blue wrote:Chaplin now confirmed to Coventry on O/S.

I wish him all the very best.

500k plus add ons apprently. Great business on our part.
By streetrifle
I may be missing something here, but £500K for Chaplin seems a pretty good deal to me for a lad who has never been able to hold down a first team place in both League 1 and 2
By Portchesterblue1
500k for someone who will have 6 months left on their contract, that's an amazing deal for us as far as I can see.
I wish Conor well and hope he proves people wrong and is a success
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