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By jam tomorrow
Looks like we lost out on another good striker Joe Pigott decided to join Ipswich he says due to the influence of Cook. Ah well maybe third time lucky
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By jam tomorrow
I agree when it all comes down to its money that talks however they want to dress it up. At the moment Town are the big spenders together with Wigan must be favourites for the top two places.
By Northstander
Just had a look at William Hill's odds to win the Division. They go Sunderland 13.2 fav. Ipswich and Sheff Wed 8.1. Charlton, Wigan and Pompey 11.1. Lincoln, Oxford and Rotherham 14.1. Bolton 16.1... Its a very open looking Division and is reflected in those odds
By pompeygunner
Maybe a season of upper mid table may just suit us this season. I mean we know our budget is lower so expectations should be adjusted accordingly, anything else is a bonus. I think we're in for a season of maybe finishing 10th something like that.
Cook-well he's being heavily backed financially, it would be a major surprise if they dont go up which equals pressure on him.
By Jack_Tinn
I am somewhat surprised that Piggott signed for Ipswich. Not least because Ipswich will only play 1 striker under Cook and he already has signed a player he covetted from QPR and has Norwood already. Piggott realistically could be third choice for the central striking position.
By BlueinPLtwenty
Money talks, as Ipswich did not have to pay a fee, they could afford to maximise his wages. Higher than we were prepared to pay.
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By Pompey Penguin
Person offered two roughly identical jobs, takes the one offering the most money. Coming soon, news about bears and popes...

More seriously, I am not that bothered about Pompey missing out on players to the big spenders of L1. We are still in a period when the club's finances have taken a hit, as is true for all L1 clubs. At the same time there are at least 3-4 clubs spending big money (they probably don't have) to gain promotion, and some of them are going to be very disappointed. Trying to compete toe-to-toe with these clubs would be suicidal, and I think we are better taking a step back, hoping to be the Wycombe or Lincoln for 2021-22, but expecting to re-set next summer.

Once the squad building is complete, I expect that we will have a first XI that will be competitive. However, we will not be in a position to weather many injuries or suspensions. A big change from recent seasons where Jackett had two senior players for all positions, to the point where he didn't know which was first choice in many cases.

I realise that other people don't agree with this opinion, and that's fair enough, but standing back for a year is an approach that I can support.
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By jam tomorrow
It’s a very good point do we gamble like these clubs who will either buy promotion or if not be in serious debt. I would like a happy medium if possible good football and be in with a chance seasons end
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By Sam_Brown
jam tomorrow wrote:
Sun Jul 18, 2021 11:57 am
It’s a very good point do we gamble like these clubs who will either buy promotion or if not be in serious debt. I would like a happy medium if possible good football and be in with a chance seasons end
That is the conundrum the owners face. I’d rather err on the side of caution this season spending wise.

I’m also trying to be pragmatic. With the amount of changes so far I see this being a two or possibly three season rebuilding job.
By Jack_Tinn
I agree with not trying to compete in a salary race. I still expect DC to have a more attacking and better team that KJ's over the last two to three seasons though accordingly.
By StMonkton
I agree that we should be cautious financially. As with the rest of the economy, there are hard times ahead for lower league football. Prudence now ought to mean we are at a competitive advantage later.

The season is long though. Recently we have seen Pompey appear to be a completely different (usually worse) outfit in April compared with September. If the new management is up to snuff then I would hope to see us doing well in the Spring. Surely playoffs might then be feasible.

If not, then we are going to be in a relegation fight all season . Which is not what I think will happen.

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