FAQ: How to embed Youtube videos and other media

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FAQ: How to embed Youtube videos and other media

Post by RubiconCSL »

It's now very simple to embed a YouTube video or other "media".

This version says it supports the following media services, however, I don't see maps working. The author of the code has another version on another site, but a) it's hosted in Russia and b) I prefer to only download code from the official phpBB site. So feel free to try other types of multimedia, but at least I know it works for video and audio: -
  • youtube.com, vimeo.com and all the other video services from phpBB [video]
  • soundcloud.com, promodj.com and all the other audio services from phpBB [audio]
  • maps.google.com (maps, panoramas)
  • dermandar.com (panoramas)
Simply click the little screen icon above the textbox you are creating your post in.

That will add the following tags.

Code: Select all

Then paste the link to the video (or whatever the media is) between the tags like so...

Code: Select all

...which will produce the following.

For audio, it's exactly the same...

Code: Select all

[media]https://soundcloud.com/strive_lg/strive ... al_sharing[/media]

And that's it :)
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