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By Berkshire Blue
DC said that he played the wrong team on Saturday so will be interesting to see who plays tonight.

Assuming that Ogilvie is not fit my guess would be:
Romeo, Downing, Raggett, Brown
Tunnicliffe, Williams
Harness, Azeez/Jacobs, Curtis

We have this constant problem of trying to find someone to play in the No 10 role and provide passes for the attackers - nothing new there. Azeez looked okay in the first half while going forward, but not so good tracking back and after half time tried too many Hollywood passes. Jacobs has the skill, but for some reason DC doesn't seem to want to pick him. Ahadme is the wild card, but also couldn't get on the bench on Saturday. Good luck with that one DC, as it really does need to be sorted.
By PakefieldBlue
3-5-2 for me:

Freeman, Downing, Raggett
Romeo, Williams, Tunicliffe, Azeez, Brown
Marquis, Harrison
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By jam tomorrow
Pompey: Bazunu; Romeo, Freeman, Raggett, Brown (c); Morrell, Williams; Harness, Tunnicliffe, Curtis; Marquis

Actual team IMO strong experienced players if they play to their strengths they should put up a good fight Curtiss, and Harness need to be creative and get shots on goal.
By BlueinPLtwenty
1-0 HT enjoying the match on IFollow
By Berkshire Blue
We were promised fast attacking football, and so far that is what we have had against what looks like a decent Plymouth side. The 343 formation seems to suit us.

Keep it up lads. PUP
By jabba monkey
Good to see us on the front foot against a decent team.

Marquis basically just missed an open goal tap in 🙈
By BlueinPLtwenty
Last minute equalizer 2-2 FT

Much better performance!
By Berkshire Blue
2 - 2 Raggett in extra time. I thought that was a decent performance with energy - a proper Pompey performance and not the milksop stuff of last Saturday. You can't moan too much when your team gives everything they've got.
By Northstander
Thoroughly deserved the late equaliser, (shut up the Argyle chants of "we are top of the league"). However our lack of pace at the back is alarming. Marquis did indeed miss a sitter, he grafts away and I cant moan about the effort he puts in. It so easily could have been 2.1 before they scored their 2nd. For all those who left early at 1.2 shame on you lol
By Dinksy
A few points....
- this side showed they have a bit of spirit which was certainly in question over the past few games.
- while offering us more going forward, it is going to be our undoing without a lot more work on the training field.
- I'm not a fan of Marquis as a footballer but the miss was nothing like the way it's been described in a few places. The ball had been whipped across at pace and he was still some way out and stretching for the ball. Yes, he should have scored but those chances are very missable. Crucifying him on his return is hardly going to help when there is finally a flicker of hope we may have found a way forward.
- Cowley is fulsome in his praise of the fans. So it's time he comes clean with us about what is going on with one of our most creative players. It's beginning to feel like the Pitman-Jackett scenario all over again.
By Mr Dee
Did anyone see the alleged stamping incident on one of our players? I was right at the back of the Fratton end and just saw a blue body on It he floor in the other half of the pitch?
Anyway I enjoyed myself so much I've just bought tickets for Burton away next Tuesday. 😳
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