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By eltorrro
Can anybody tell me why we have Azeez? I can't recall that he's actually turned out for us since his loan..and he can't have been that injured if he played for England U23's (and scored a cracking goal) last week!! Are we being told not to play him by Arsenal? Why wasn't he playing today?

When you look at the players we have they really are not that bad a group (on paper).

They just don't seem to gel and play as a team, and that points directly to the management and coaching. It would appear that Jacobs has already fallen foul of the Cowley's way of playing..I wonder how many more are not keen??

I know they have said it will take three windows to get it right but judging by what we have seen thus far I am certainly not confident that will happen?? It's all very well looking at it through blue Pompey specs but come on, the football has been mainly rubbish under the Cowleys!

With hindsight, and I was one of his knockers, Jackett did seem to get results and, compared to what we are currently witnessing, the football was reasonable...wasn't it?? 8)
By Dinksy
Can't remember us getting hammered by anyone under Jackett. A decent team has to be built from the base up. We seemed to have got that right at the beginning of the season. Then, because of the lack of goals we changed hoping to score more than them. well. with Marquis and Harrison, that's never going to happen. And what about Ahadme? Before he came under Cowley's influence he was scoring goals for fun. Jacobs was a more-than-decent midfielder also. Something is just not right.
By blueocean
Its all the crap about pressing high and other ******.

Everyone knows. Get defence right and midfield then away you go. simples. The Cowleys are full of BS and silly Michael has swallowed it.

I actually think we could get relegated with these fools in charge.
By BlueinPLtwenty
I remember Jackett`s Pompey getting hammered: Accrington 4-1 Northampton 4-0. Hull City 4-0. Bristol Rovers 3-1. thats without the Cup games: Peterborough 5-1, Brighton 4-0. The King is dead long live the King, why do all the doom merchants come out of the woodwork so readily. Cowley is trying to build a new Team with his hands tied when he has remnants of Jackett`s failures who are under contract on big wages. I wish some of the "Doomers" could see the big picture!
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By jam tomorrow
As Guy Whittingham has said we capitulate under pressure too often and are not tough enough the only exception was against Sunderland where had to show our metal. We are missing a leader of men on the pitch and unfortunately I don’t believe DC is hard enough on the players for folding too easily. The team were warned they had to stop crosses coming in which they didn’t do and left Smith and Co to have a field day. The trouble is we haven’t got enough strength in depth to replace these prat’s so where do we go from here?
By Daniel
I wonder how many of cowleys signings were his number one targets? How many second, third or fourth did he have to go down to get some sort of squad together?

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